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Grow and leverage a limitless decentralized world compute platform to continuously improve the way people, business and government help make the world a better place.

Initiatives such as those undertaken by Virgin and OneWeb, Google’s Project Loon, and Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, will improve access to the word’s best information, learning and collaboration tools for billions more people, whereupon they discover how to create and supply next-generation products and services our planet’s inhabitants need and want.

Together with the rise of open product and service provision platforms, this will drive an explosion in participation in the global economy, underpinning the next great source of global growth.

With vastly improved access to open assets of real value, innovation and entrepreneurialism will flourish and the cost to deliver high quality outcomes will be reduced. Productivity will improve, and new industries will evolve to offset the impacts of artificial intelligence and robotics.

This will foster broad increases in wealth, enabling so many more to be effective providers to their families and others, improving standards of living and health, sparking optimism and aspiration, and extending needs into wants with feasible means of fulfillment.

Thus feeding this great new cycle of growth by dramatically increasing the size of addressable markets, while significantly improving the prospects of industry incumbents willing to embark on this open journey.

Governments will provide more of higher quality to their citizens – in particular those in need – at lower total cost. Greater connectivity, collaboration, cooperation and learning the world over means a better understanding of one another, the world we live in, and the impacts of our actions.

Everybody now can, in fact, win. This is how.

Autonomous, extra-national systems that are entirely dependable, governable and unmanipulable will commoditize trust, and make all of this possible. We believe the world and humanity is desperately in need of this paradigm shift, and that our role in contributing to it is the most important thing we can do in this life.

Wholly proprietary, closed, monopolistic systems cannot win in this future. This paradigm shift’s tipping point is near. You will need to think differently, but you can, and in fact must. Join us, let’s co-own the journey and direct this future, making it the right one – and a very prosperous one – for us all.

what we do

we are inclusive

DVolution resides at the nexus of the world’s most advanced limitless decentralized compute platform technology; unrivaled digital business invention, launch and scale capabilities; and the customer bases of the most forward-thinking public and private sector organizations in the world.

We are designing and building the world’s next generation suite of Decentralized Open Meta-Apps [DOMAs], together with a DOMA supermarket, via which the way public and private sector organizations are designed, built and run – and trusted, believed in and gravitated towards – will change significantly.

meta-apps & Open Services
  • Identity & Reputation
  • Asset Tracking & Logistics
  • Provenance
  • Supply Chain
  • The Internet of Things
  • Safety
  • Energy Management
  • Transportation & Haulage
  • Mining & Manufacturing
  • Exchanges
  • Marketplaces
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Peer-To-Peer
  • Lending
  • Micro-Finance
  • Insurance
  • Trade & Invoice Finance
  • Stable Digital Currencies
  • Intellectual & Physical Property Rights
  • Leasing & Rental Services
  • Health Services
  • Customer Acquisition & Loyalty
  • Voting & Governance
  • Auditing & Compliance
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Escrow & Custody Services
  • Arbitration & Legal Services

Additionally, DVolution opportunistically invents, builds and launches independent new DOMA-based B2C/B/G services where we see strategically relevant and globally applicable unmet and/or latent needs satisfiable by leveraging this paradigm shift in entirely new and superior ways.

Leveraging new 3rd generation blockchain technologies, DVolution builds only upon a blockchain infrastructure that allows:

  1. Seamless private and open chain interoperability
  2. Governance via constitution and sophisticated AI-based mechanisms
  3. Performance and scalability thresholds unattainable using earlier–generation blockchain protocols

DVolution mines, votes and builds toolsets relating to limitless decentralized compute platform technology that present engineers with a means of integrating their software stacks with this new infrastructure to deliver superior outcomes … without a need for deep cryptographic expertise.

who we work with

We work with the world’s most forward-thinking public and private sector organizations the world over

… whose aspirations are big enough, and convictions strong enough to both reinvent their existing operations, and invent and launch new entities by leveraging this new paradigm.

We work with those who have the determination and resources to contribute to helping us fulfill our mission, bringing marketplace take-up and throughput to drive scale, while taking the lead in next generation public and private sector service provision.

We also seek to provide our more visionary partners with founding stakes in these new global meta-apps which we believe represent the world’s next great suite of opportunities.

More strategic partnership and investment announcements imminent

join us

If you are highly talented and incredibly passionate about the topics, aspirations and initiatives referred to here, reach out, and we’ll see if we can find an unbelievable role for you to join us on this incredible journey.

Currently we’re specifically looking for:
Decentralized computing, DFINITY and/or Ethereum protocol-sympathetic architects, computer scientists, software engineers
(full stack or otherwise) and cryptographers


open for business

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